Aerial Images as Abstract Art

I saw some photographs in the NY Times the other day showing aerial views of highways and overpasses in Carmel, Indiana that took on qualities of abstract art, and it got me curious to take a look at some aerial (or satellite) images myself to see what I could find of interest. I decided I’d look at Carmel as well, even though I’m not familiar with the city and have never been there, I just wanted to see if I could find interesting images of that part of the country as well.

I was struck by the relatively precise geometric layout that city planners had used to determine more rural properties as well as city grids, and I liked the squiggly lines that make up streets with residential housing … so to try to see these as “art” rather than simply aerial images, I Photoshopped them into an art gallery space as large scale abstractions to see what they would look like … what do you think?

aerial photos as abstract art
Imagining aerial views of Carmel, Indiana as abstract art works.
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