Soul Pizza and Outsider Art

The Outsider Art Fair is coming up soon, although I see the news today that they are pushing back the original February dates by a month due to concerns about Covid. The new 2022 Outsider Art Fair dates are now March 3-6, and will be at the usual Metropolitan Pavilion building at 125 West 18th Street. I’m looking forward to seeing this show as I do every year.

In thinking about Outsider Art, just for fun, I was looking back at some pictures I took at the 2013 edition of the fair, and really liked these paintings as seen below. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as good about taking notes and tracking down artist info back then, so I don’t know who made these! If anyone out there can identify this artist, please let me know in the comments section below.

Soul Pizza painting at the 2013 Outsider Art Fair
“Soul Pizza,” artist unknown, seen at the 2013 Outsider Art Fair.

I also like the fact that the art dealer – whoever it was, I don’t know that either (!) – just leaned these up against the wall on the floor, as you can see below:

outsider art fair unknown artist
Installation view at the 2013 Outsider Art Fair

I looked up close on my original high-res photos but can’t see any signatures or identification of who this artist is. Here’s a closer look at two of the works above, I really like these too: “Fishmonger” and “Bag Lady.” I would love to figure out who made these and give proper credit and promote the artist.

Fishmonger and Bag Lady, outsider art works
Fishmonger and Bag Lady, by an unknown artist at the Outsider Art Fair.
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