Looking for visual clues to a real estate mystery

An unusual real estate listing was brought to my attention today, and it seems pretty mysterious. There’s only one “official” picture of the house for sale (bottom left), and the other two pictures here, which I’ve pulled using various online tools, back up the description of it being set back 100 feet from the edge of the property, which as you can see is covered with trees.

So what’s the mystery? What’s the big deal? Scroll down for more …

mysterious real estate
A mysterious property for sale in New Jersey.

The description of this property is what pushed my curiosity from 0-60 in about 5 seconds. Let’s see, where to start: the listing agent hired to sell it has not stepped inside; it’s being sold “as is, where is;” absolutely no showings will take place, and if you’re curious like me, don’t think about going there, because “… it is unlawful to be on this property, you will be considered a trespasser, with the possibility of arrest.” The listing claims that there’s over 40,000 square feet of structure and interior livable area, yet if accurate, that would be massive! The whole property is one acre, and 40,000 square feet = 0.918274 acre, and this house is clearly not taking up the whole acre, so what’s that all about? And here’s the kicker: “property is being sold with the current occupant … it is believed that a tree fell on the roof … no more information is available … please be advised accordingly.” Being sold with the current occupant? So if I buy the house, I get the previous owner as well? Is he or she wedged under the fallen tree? As is, where is? No showings, chance of arrest? What?!?

What further visual clues can I come up with to better understand? I did find a satellite image from 2002, below left, and just for fun, I’ll share that my first visual association with that overhead view with the shadows and nose-like structure in the middle made me think of an Easter Island head, with the shadowed brow … I’ve overlaid one on the same satellite image below right. I’m being ridiculous now, but it’s a pretty mysterious situation and my imagination goes all over the place.

satellite image easter island head
Just having a little fun here with this visual association with Easter Island heads …

I’d really be curious to see how it’s decorated inside … there’s no way to even imagine it, and one will never know until the sale takes place. I’m just really intrigued by the whole thing – what do you think? Share any thoughts in the comments section below.

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