Vermeer Milkmaid Plush Figure Doll

In my last post, I described happening upon a vintage canvas copy of Johannes Vermeer’s “Milkmaid” at an antiques store Cold Spring, NY. So it struck me as funny that about 5 minutes later, in the same store, I would notice this “Milkmaid” plush toy doll, also based on Vermeer’s famous painting. Had I been an impulsive shopper, I could have gone home with two versions of Vermeer’s Milkmaid! (I didn’t buy either one).

plush figure doll based on Vermeer's Milkmaid painting
Two views of a plush figure doll based on Johannes Vermeer’s famous “Milkmaid” painting.

If you’re not familiar with the original painting, or want to take another look for a comparison point, you can see Vermeer’s masterpiece here.

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