Crocodile head in the East Village

I was walking down Avenue A in the East Village when something caught my eye around 6th Street … I saw a tree stump in my peripheral vision that looked different, and when I stopped to look, I noticed it had been carved and fashioned to look like a crocodile head!

crocodile head carved out of a tree stump on Avenue A, NYC
A tree stump that has been carved to look like a crocodile head, seen on Avenue A in the East Village, NYC.

A little research allowed me to learn that this is the work of an artist named Ian Dave Knife, who was raised in Zimbabwe and is now based in New York City. If you look closely, he carved his name in the top of the tree stump sculpture, next to the “eye.” The thing in its mouth is actually a piece of grating that the former tree grew around. The artist has made it look like the crocodile is chomping down on something.

Isn’t this great? Click here to learn more about the artist Ian Dave Knife and see more of his work.

crocodile head in the East Village by Ian Dave Knife
Carved crocodile head by Ian Dave Knife as seen on Avenue A at 6th Street in NYC.
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