The 2021 Creative Growth Holiday Show

Creative Growth is a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California that works for the inclusion of artists with developmental disabilities in contemporary art by providing a professional art studio environment and gallery representation. I just received a press release about their 2021 Holiday Show, which features every artist that works in their studio. The Holiday Show includes art for sale, with purchases that directly support the artists involved and the programs at Creative Growth.

The show has two categories that caught my attention: works over $250, and works under $250 … based on my budget, I decided to take a look at the works under $250 to see what is available. Here’s a couple that I like: below left is “Untitled (AA 11),” 2004, by Angela Archuleta. This work is an 8 1/2 x 11 inch drawing with colored pencil and ink on paper and sells for $75. A little bit of biographical info about Angela Archuleta: born in 1969, she has been making art at Creative Growth since 2002. Archuleta works most often in textiles, creating intricate and colorful embroideries of flowers or charming sculptural recreations of her favorite foods. This particular drawing on paper is full of color and design, creating her signature motif of flowers in many bright hues.

Below right is “Untitled (BH 28),” 2019, by Bruce Howell. This work is a 13 x 20 inch drawing with colored pencil on paper and is available for $250. Bruce Howell’s bio mentions that he was born in 1954 and has been making art at Creative Growth since 1975! Howell is one of Creative Growth’s earliest artists, and over the years he has developed a distinct and expressive set of imagery that he employs in multiples. His art reflects his interests: people engaging in various activities, fruit, animals and houses. This repetition creates a rhythmic and colorful harmony in his signature flattened perspective.

2021 Holiday Sale at Creative Growth
Above left: Untitled, 2004 by Angela Archuleta; above right, Untitled, 2019 by Bruce Howell; both art works are © the respective artists and provided courtesy of Creative Growth.

I don’t want to just fixate on price – there’s a lot of great pieces in the Over $250 collection as well – check out some of the art in this grouping here. I really like this drawing by Barbara Guhl and this piece by Carrie Oyama. Plenty of great artworks to view and choose from, and a good cause to support!

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