Paper & Glue Film, a JR Project

I saw a full page ad in the NY Times for Paper & Glue, A JR Project, a production of MSNBC Films. I am very interested in seeing this movie, so I wanted to share the trailer here:

“Paper & Glue” is a documentary film that follows acclaimed French artist JR around the world as he creates his monumental projects, challenging perspectives about art and bringing communities together through his thought-provoking public art work. I like one of JR’s quotes that is heard in the trailer: “Art is not part of any organization, it is not part of the state, it is something that we own, we the people own.”

Below is an image of a JR “eyes” art work that was visible from one of the terraces at the Whitney Museum (as seen back in 2017 – I’m not sure if it’s still there now …?). In trying to learn more about the meaning of this body of work, I found the following information: Women Are Heroes is a project where photographs of women’s eyes are installed on rooftops, with the eyes belonging to someone living in the houses or apartments underneath. JR’s stated goal with these was to highlight that neighborhoods are often held together by mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.

JR eyes mural on a NYC rooftop
View of JR eyes mural as seen from a terrace at the Whitney Museum in NYC.
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