Josh Gluckstein and Graeme Purdy at Woolff Gallery

I received a press release from the Woolff Gallery for their current exhibition featuring Josh Gluckstein and Graeme Purdy, and this view of a window into the gallery space certainly caught my attention:

Woolf Gallery in London, UK
View of Josh Gluckstein and Graeme Purdy exhibition at Woolff Gallery in London. Image is © Woolff Gallery and the respective artists.

The exhibition is titled “Wild & Born Free,” and runs from November 3 – 12, 2021. With the UK hosting the 2021 Climate Change Conference (COP26) in mind, Woolff Gallery is presenting a selection of new artworks by Josh Gluckstein and Graeme Purdy. Both of these artists create work that tackles nature and the environment. 10% of all sales from the show will go to the artists’ chosen charities, Born Free Foundation and National Park Rescue.

Inspired by his travels, Josh Gluckstein seeks to recreate the presence and personality of some of the most majestic animals he has seen in the wild. During the pandemic lockdown with limited resources and lots of time to think, Josh began to experiment with recycled cardboard as well as recycled fabric, tissue paper, and faux fur to help bring his animals to life. Below left are his “Lion” and “Orangutan;” see more of his work here.

Josh Gluckstein animal wall sculptures
Two examples of Josh Gluckstein’s art works; images are © Josh Gluckstein.

Graeme Purdy is a photographer who explains his work this way: “My photography has been inspired by nature, wild animals and my love of the outdoors. More recently, I am driven to help protect our wildlife and wild places – driven to make images that connect viewers with nature, understand them and become inclined to take action against the growing risks of climate change.” Below is his image titled “Raw Nature,” which captures a lion striding across the Maasai Mari. You can see more of his photography here.

Graeme Purdy photograph of a lion
“Raw Nature,” by Graeme Purdy. Image is © Graeme Purdy.

Woolff Gallery is located at 89 Charlotte Street in London; get more information on visiting the gallery here.

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