Interactive philosophical art in Madrid, New Mexico

When I was exploring Madrid, New Mexico last summer, I noticed this light switch attached to a street sign post. If you look closely, there’s a message, and an invitation for the viewer to respond based on one’s mood. The top message says “Let It,” the middle message says “Marinate,” and the bottom message says “Slide.” Whoever interacted with this last decided to flip the switch up to “let it marinate.”

What does it mean to “let it marinate?” In the case of a thought, feeling, or idea, to “let it marinate” means that you need to give it some time before you come to a conclusion. It’s based on the idea of marinating food, where one lets the food soak in a liquid seasoning in order to add flavor. We all know what it means to “let it slide,” and I’d consider that to be a good option for many situations as well. One can see this as a fun, interactive philosophical street art piece! I wish I knew who the conceptual artist was!

let it marinate or slide, conceptual art in Madrid NM
A playful, conceptual art piece installed on a public street in Madrid, NM.

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