If El Greco had been a street artist

Every once in a while it’s a fun exercise to imagine if a famous artist from another era were a street artist today … for example, we’ve pretended that Picasso was doing street art in NYC, and we also took a look at what a Matisse street mural might look like. Today, just for fun, let’s imagine that El Greco was let loose in current day Newark … what might he paint?

El Greco imaginary street art mural in Newark
Might some El Greco street art look like this?

The original painting which we used for this is “Portrait of an Old Man,” ca. 1595–1600, which has sometimes been suggested as a potential self-portrait. Although there is no documented portrait of the artist, scholars have suggested that El Greco had at times painted himself in crowd scenes within some of his paintings, and some of those resembled this portrait. Learn more about the original painting at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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