A Ride or Die partner … or both?

You may have heard the expression “ride or die,” which has become a popular way to describe a friend, family member, or romantic partner who will always stick by your side – who will “ride or die with you to the end.” Well, as I was walking down the street the other day, I passed a car in a Walgreens parking lot (below left) that caught my attention, because there was a skeleton in the front seat! I went into Walgreens, got what I needed, and when I came back out to walk home, I noticed the car with the skeleton was still there. So I thought I would be sly, and discreetly hold up my phone as I was walking by and sneak in a picture … I wanted to make it look like I was just checking my phone, and assumed the person in the car wouldn’t notice.

But as I walked past, about 30 yards down the street, I heard some beeping, and when I turned my head to see that the red car had followed me out of the parking, I thought “I’ve been busted!” But rather than get mad at me for sneaking my picture, the driver said, “did you want a better photograph of my skeleton?” I laughed as she pulled over and let me get the second photo, below right.

I’d say this “passenger” qualifies as someone who would “ride or die,” or – in this case – both!

ride or die partner - a skeleton in a car
This “ride or die” skeleton passenger was seen in Belleville, NJ.
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