A follow up on Salon Art + Design 2021 Edition

A while back we had a preview of this year’s tenth edition of the Salon Art + Design fair, which took place at Park Avenue Armory and closed yesterday on November 15th.

Opening night for the fair found just under 2,000 visitors flowing into the exhibition space throughout the evening to preview a selection of the world’s finest design – vintage, modern and contemporary – enhanced by a selection of blue-chip 20th century art. This year, Salon Art + Design featured 47 leading art and design galleries from 11 different countries, with a goal of considering both fine and decorative art in the context of contemporary life. The belief is that today, more than ever, designers and collectors prefer to create environments rather than simply collect individual objects. You’ll see that concept in play with some of the installation views below.

This first photograph shows the booth of Gabriel & Guillaume, which is a collectible design gallery co-founded by Nancy Gabriel and Guillaume Excoffier. They’ve created an environment here which includes furniture, ceramics, lighting, and fine art; one item of note is the painting on the back wall: it’s “59 Cents (2 For a Dollar),” 1983, by Jean-Michel Basquiat. The art in this booth was curated by Valerie Cueto Art Advisory.

Basquiat 59 Cents 2 For a Dollar on back left wall
The Gabriel & Guillaume booth at Salon Art + Design; art curated by Valerie Cueto Art Advisory and includes a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, back left wall. Photo Credit: Peter Baker, Courtesy Salon Art + Design.

Another environment installation can be seen below, at the booth of Patrick Parrish Gallery. Some items of note in this installation: “Tree,” by Julian Watts, can be seen to the left of Mr. Parris, and the colorful chairs to the left of that are quite interesting – they’re made of hand-dyed, needle-felted wool by New York–based artist and designer Liam Lee – see more on him here.

Patrick Parris Gallery at Salon Art + Design
A view in the Patrick Parris Gallery booth at Salon Art + Design; Photo Credit: Peter Baker, Courtesy Salon Art + Design

Our reports indicate that the fair generated an impressive number of sales as early as opening night: Evan Lobel of first-time exhibitor Lobel Modern, sold nearly three-fourths of his booth. Other newcomers, including Ornamentum, Dobrinka Salzman Gallery and Converso, all confirmed significant sales, while the returning exhibitor Maison Gerard reported a particularly successful evening.

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