The Outside In

I happened upon a small arts and crafts gallery (as well as an espresso bar and tea house) called The Outside In, located in Piermont, NY, but both times I swung by there, it was closed – just unlucky timing, on my behalf. It looks pretty interesting, with sculptures and other objects placed out on the grounds, but I was only able to peek in through the window, which made me more curious, as far as what’s inside. According to their Facebook page, they feature ” … a diverse collection of fine art, found objects and hand-selected artisan objects from the Hudson Valley along with specialty coffee drinks and local fare.”

Outside In arts and crafts gallery in Piermont, NY
A view of “Outside In,” Piermont NY.

I will definitely have to go back sometime during business hours so I can learn more about some of the art (both decorative and functional), such as these two ceramic (?) tables that were positioned out front – I’m guessing they’re by the same artist, but wasn’t able to identify them on my visit. If anyone knows the artist, please share a name in the comments section below, so I can give proper credit.

artsy tables outside in piermont
Artistic tables seen at Outside In, Piermont NY

You can see more on their Instagram feed here

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