Giving thought to the imitation Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

I was at the Montclair Art Museum today, and stopped in the gift shop after my visit. I saw these on a shelf in the gift shop, and thought “those are some pretty good Jeff Koons Balloon Dogs, but what about the other animals?” I am not familiar with Jeff Koons having made any unicorns, giraffes, or elephants, so I inquired about these with the gift shop cashier … scroll down for more info.

imitation Jeff Koons balloon dog
Looks like a mini Jeff Koons Balloon Dog, but it’s just an homage in the form of a piggy bank.

It turns out these are a line of piggy banks made by a company called “Made By Humans,” (read their story here), and while they don’t reference the homage to Jeff Koons on the product page, it’s a pretty clear reference, and … I kind of like it. For $60, I could pretend that I have a mini-version of the one that sold for $58.4 million.

Is it bad to consider buying products that reference (or take ideas from) well-known art works? The other day I was considering some Halloween decorations that had a passing reference to Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkins. I don’t know … I don’t have a problem admitting that I’ll never be able to afford the originals, so why not have some fun with some copies? I’ll admit that was exactly my mindset when I painted my own copies of the following Picasso and Matisse paintings, which I happily hang on the walls of my home. If you have any thoughts about copies or paying homage to famous art works, share your feedback in the comments section below.

Picasso and Matisse painting copies
I painted these Picasso and Matisse copies for my own enjoyment.
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