Creative ceramic home objects by LBP Clay

I saw a lot of interesting ceramic pieces at the Field + Supply Fall Market last weekend, and one of my favorites was LBP Clay, with two pieces by Lindsey Schneider shown here below (I love the spiky one!).

LBP Clay produces a line of handmade ceramic home objects and is based in Philadelphia. According to her website, “LBP” is named after a frightful encounter with a black bear in a wilderness area of West Virginia, which Schneider says she slept through. She states, “When I think about bears, I always imagine them as fiercely strong and independent creatures of the forest, who contrastingly live off soft fruit and honey. I try to create pieces that play with this blend of softness and sharpness, using patterned surfaces, craters, and spikes built out of hardened soft stoneware clay.”

ceramics by Lindsey Schneider of LBP Clay
Ceramics by Lindsey Schneider of LBP Clay

In addition to the website links provided above, check out more of LBP Clay on Instagram here.

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