The art of high school biology drawings

I happened upon an old high school biology notebook, which I saved all these years because I put in a lot of time making drawings for the various projects that I had for class. I took a look at these again today, and wanted to post a couple of them. Below left, “the structure of a sponge,” featuring detailed views of flagellum, spicules, epidermal cells, amebocytes, and incurrent pores. Below right, “the structure of a hydra,” with tentacles, nematocysts, gastrovascular cavities, ectoderms, mesoglea, and many other fun things.

high school biology drawings
Drawings from my high school biology class at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, circa 1984.

But from my current perspective, I appreciate some of the aspects that almost feel like abstract art, like these details below. The one at left still feels somewhat scientific, but the one below right feels like a cross between Philip Guston and Carroll Dunham … maybe I’ll make this into a painting!

biology drawings having abstract art qualities
Details of high school biology drawings, circa 1984.

P.S. I received an A+ on this particular notebook project!

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