5 thoughts on “Rock art finds in Franklin County in Tennessee

  1. In the Ohio River Valley, such finds are so common that you’ll find an animal effigy carving nearly every time you look down in a creek bed. After examining thousands of these and doing some research, I have learned a lot. In my area, these artifacts are products of the Hopewell Adena culture, spanning a time period of of 200BC- 1200AD. The modern day ancestors of the ethnic group responsible for this art is likely The Shawnee tribe now located in Oklahoma.

    As to the number of such pieces of rock art, I have a few observations. These were likely offerings intentionally deposited there by their creator. Many rocks resemble animals naturally. A carved effigy, however, has features that cannot be denied. For example, a rock resembles an eagle perched on a branch. Upon closer inspection several details quickly scratched onto the rock by the creator become evident, such as symmetric eyes on both sides and a couple lines that make a beak.

    Some effigies are simple and took only a couple minutes to produce, others are amazing masterpieces that required not only talent, but also a good amount of time and a working knowledge of geology to produce.

    Depending on where in Tennessee they were found will likely make the difference as to nailing down what cultural group that produced them, The Mississippian culture or the Hopewell culture.

  2. To me it appears to be a dog eating looking backwards. But the thing with these is that with every different angle you look at it, you’ll find a different effigy. Like your top two pics, if turned on the side, to me, I see a evil or scary looking face with a skinny neck.

  3. The last one pictured above is most certainly a bear. Appears to be petrified wood. Beautiful piece Crystal!

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