Massive mushrooms found – sculpture by Mother Nature

I was out walking my dogs around my condo development today when I noticed something odd in the distance … see those two off-white lumps over there?

mushrooms in North Jersey
Seeing something odd while on a dog walk this morning …

I moved in for a closer look, and found this collection of large mushrooms – the one in the middle (below left) is about the size of a football!

mushrooms found in NJ
Look at the size of these mushrooms!

I’ve read an article or two in the NY Times in recent months about people foraging for mushrooms, and I’ve seen someone over in Branch Brook Park doing it right in the middle of the park, but I have no idea about these mushrooms – what kind they are, whether they’re safe to eat, or what exactly is going on here. I had one friend suggest it was a “balloon mushroom,” which I see is also called a “puffball mushroom.” I also see pictures online that suggest “Calvatia gigantea” and “Earth ball (Scleroderma citrinum).” Does anyone know for sure? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

massive mushroom found in New Jersey
This massive mushroom is about the size of a football.

By the way, speaking of food, have you seen our section of “Recipes and Art History” …? Check it out here! (more recipes coming soon)

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