Maizz Visual and video mapping the Templo Mayor pyramid

Back in August, Maizz Visual, a 3D design and animation studio from Mexico City, collaborated with Mexico City´s Secretary of Culture to create the graphic and sound content for the 16-minute videomapping show titled “Memoria Luminosa.” The show, which included 22 scenes, told the history and importance of the Templo Mayor pyramid, the legendary origins of the Mexican people, as well as the destruction and subsequent conquest of Tenochtitlan.

Most of the scenes were created in 3D animation, while the block of scenes corresponding to the conquest was mainly made with 2D versions of murals by Mexican painters such as Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera and Jorge Gonzalez Camarena. You can see four of the 22 scenes here in the images below:

Maizz Visual Templo Mayor Pyramid
4 of the 22 scenes of a videomapping project created by Maizz Visual, an animation studio in Mexico City.

The audiovisual content of the 16-minute video mapping was created by an international team of twenty people led by Maizz Visual and comprised by designers, 2D and 3D animators, speakers, sound engineers, illustrators, musicians and producers.

You can actually see the full show here:

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared a cool project by Maizz Visual – check out their “Animal Watching” project here.

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