Looking for my doctor, finding Van Gogh instead

I was recently looking for information related to my primary care doctor online, and the search results showed a doctor directory website where some of the doctors’ photos were posted, and in other cases, a blurry placeholder image was substituted. The photo posted for my doctor was a blurred image of Van Gogh’s Self Portrait from 1889, as you can see below left.

I found this to be pretty humorous, but also made me curious about this particular doctor directory website, which will remain nameless for now (I’ve also blurred out their logo, so we can focus on the blurry art instead). In addition to using blurry Van Gogh as a placeholder, you can see that other photo-less doctors on this website can also be represented by a blurry version of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, below right.

doctor website with Van Gogh and Vermeer placeholder images
Calling Dr. Van Gogh and Dr. Vermeer …!

I browsed this doctor website more, and found a few more blurry art historical placeholder images. Below left appears to be Mona Lisa, but this art history major can’t quite place which image is being used below right … can anyone ID this painting? If so, please share the answer in the comments section below – it bugs me that I don’t recognize it.

blurry art history placeholder images on a medical website
Blurry Mona Lisa at left, but who is shown above right?
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