6 thoughts on “Life-sized stone head found in California

  1. I finally found a photo online that resembles this stone head, but it seems I can’t upload it. It could be that, because it was found in a wash, it may have rounded edges from traveling downstream.

  2. I notice the flat head (top) and I’m wondering what that means. There has to be a story passed down about a person with a flat head (but not like how the Flat Head Indians made their flat skulls in real-time life. A thousand or so miles north of you). I’ve found several of these from there as small as an agate to as large as a real skull. But I will admit the detail on yours is incredible. A truly awesome find!

    Some of the theories I have come up with are that it looks to me as how one would want to open the top of the skull to get to the high calorie and high-in-nutrients brain as one.

    Another is that this was a story passed down for thousands of generations about an evil person who was finally killed by the tribe and then having its skull cut away and his brain may have been partially cannibalized or fully by having part of his skull removed. This story has traveled from California Natives to Minnesota Natives into Wisconsin.

    They obviously share the same basic premise as to why they make rock art of that particular kind.

  3. I’ve found something like this, but this one is a full head, it almost looks like a helmet. I found it in Los Angeles, California.

  4. I often find that large and small squares, rectangles and triangles are created as eye-sockets, and sometimes I will find other polygons or iris-size representations. These artists will also incorporate round, crinoid fossils as eyes if they’re fortuitously situated. The excellent head shown above has little erosion as it was found in a dry location. My discoveries have all been made in water associated with thousands of years of erosion.

  5. Yeah I got something of the same subject matter but very different but it’s about as human size head it’s I guess humanoid is of such hard to explain pretty self-explanatory I’ll just upload pictures or a video and see what you think this is also found in California but in Northern California I’m in Stockton wasn’t in no dry go to nothing like that I found it in my yard a matter of fact

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