Is that Matisse in the bathroom? Uh, no.

really bad art, line drawings suggesting Matisse


I had the tv on the other day when a commercial came on featuring some sort of bathroom-related product, and I noticed two framed line drawings in the background of the commercial scene. I found the images kind of humorous, because my first thought was: are those supposed to suggest Henri Matisse line drawings?

Matisse executed a number of very simple and elegant line drawings during his career, which I think are relatively familiar to a lot of people, so are these art works in the commercial supposed to reference those? Perhaps, although the one at the top left almost suggests a Picasso to me, with the eye and nose looking like they’re facing one direction while the mouth looks like it’s facing the opposite direction. At any rate, these makes me laugh, as they just appear to be really bad homages to both Matisse and Picasso.

really bad art, line drawings suggesting Matisse
Funny art used as props in a television commercial
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