One thought on “Mysterious river rock found in Montana

  1. Hello to you!
    I do recognize the top portion of this. There are two I know of that takes somewhat of the same shape. May even have them, I’ll go see…

    But they do not have a flat base on them. I do have pictures of them, although I don’t think I could attach those here. I’ll leave my email address.

    The piece I collected, most resembles the first photo. Only because the serpent depiction (we get a lot of that out here). And the mongoose/weasel, of course, the desert turtle … they each contain a good amount of symbolism and meaning for a people or individual. I’d say, it would be less of a child’s doll, or learning/identification tool (which came to mind). It may more likely a personal, tribal, or ceremonial item. Like I said, there is no base on the one I’m referring to, it appears to be held in the hand, like lifting an ice cream cone in the air.

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