My imaginary Charles Sheeler

I’ve always liked the paintings of Charles Sheeler (1883-1965), especially his images of industrial buildings from the early 20th century. He had a knack for capturing details of the buildings that then took on an abstract quality while still revealing the recognizable architecture, such as “Incantation,” 1946, on view at the Brooklyn Museum,or “Western Industrial,” 1955, on view at the Art Institute of Chicago. So with those types of Sheeler images nestled into my visual memory, I saw the following view in Jersey City and immediately thought of Sheeler. Do you see it? Scroll down for more.

Jersey City industrial view near Mana Contemporary
A view of buildings near Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.

I’m going to take a detail of the photo above and isolate it, pretending it’s a large scale painting, and insert it via Photoshop into this museum setting below. What do you think? Does my photo detail take on any qualities of a Sheeler, or can you see why I would like this composition?

my photo imagined as a Charles Sheeler painting
Just for fun, an imaginary Charles Sheeler painting using a photo detail from Jersey City.
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