4 thoughts on “Rock art finds in Tennessee

    1. I live below the Tennessee River, just mere miles from Tennessee, in North Alabama around the Muscle Shoals area, and have an extensive rock art collection that strongly resembles the ones pictured above. Also, made from some of the same material and with strange faces and carvings on almost all of them. It’s only my opinion, but I think that these rocks have been here since nearly as long as earth itself and because of that fact, there wasn’t any paper or pencils to put thoughts/lessons/history etc. on. Therefore, I’m thinking early man put their thoughts and the like on these rocks so much more than some people are aware of. I’m sure some of my collection are from my imagination in hopes of something being there, but also, I’m just as convinced that some are, in fact, early native American rock art, effigies, etc. and probably even much earlier than only native American people. I’m excited to see these rocks surfacing more and more nowadays. Thank you for your examples. Very interesting indeed.

      1. I live upper west Tennessee and have found in just one creek in Obion County a lot of these rocks with the same things on them. And I’m also glad to see others having the same experience.

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