Reclining on river rocks

As I was exploring the Railyards Art District in Santa Fe a few weeks ago, I noticed this sculpture – or is it formally furniture? – outside of TAI Modern. Titled “Chaise Gabion,” 2006, this piece is by artist Celeste Roberge, and includes 1,350 pounds of river rocks, which are held in the shape of a chaise lounge by a structure constructed of computer-designed matrices of water-jet-cut stainless steel.

Chaise Gabion by Celeste Roberge
Original art work is © Celeste Roberge, and is seen here outside of TAI Modern in Santa Fe.

The artist explains her work in this artist statement:

I was inspired by the absurd desire to embed antique sofas in thousands of pounds of dry-stacked stone in such a way that the furniture would seem like a fossil within a stone road-cut or like an archaic funerary monument extruded from the earth. Although we like to imagine that cultural artifacts, such as furniture and art, exist free of time and decay, the material conditions of the world inevitably recoup them.”

For more on Celeste Roberge, check out her website here.

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