This guy is laughing everywhere he goes!

I noticed this car with the unique license plate – it would seem this guy (or woman) finds something especially funny, and laughs everywhere he (or she) goes! I like that care-free and joyful attitude!

You might have noticed that I blurred the last character of the license plate – yet I’m not sure I needed to do it, as far as privacy goes. I always assumed that one could look up info on someone via their license plate, and so any time I’ve shown a car on this blog, I blur out part or all of the license plate out of respect for people’s privacy. But prior to posting this, I looked online and it seems that the notion of getting any info about the person is not true. One can find out the model and make of a car by looking up a license plate, but one can get that just by looking at the car! And – one of the most obvious contradictions is: I blur the license plates in photos, yet the respective car owners drive around with the full plate number in public! If you have an opinion on this, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

But I went off on a tangent here – let’s get back to the laughing driver: I hope your day today is filled with laughter! May we all have a good laugh today.

license plates and personal info
What’s so funny? A laughing license plate would suggest a happy-go-lucky driver!
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