Gas Station Angel

Sometimes I think I have really good peripheral vision … or at least it allows me to notice unexpected things. I was cruising along John F. Kennedy Drive in Bloomfield (NJ) at a decent clip when I suddenly noticed something out of the corner of my eye, on a small hill behind a gas station. Even though I only saw something for a brief second, it made me curious enough to turn left at the next opportunity and circle back to see what it was. And it was this odd little angel, overseeing the back wall of the gas station lot, near the air pump and vacuum (below left). There was no indication of why this was here, but the fact that the body, hair, wings, and flowers (?) are all painted (below right), I thought it was unusual and kind of funky. I’ve seen plenty of plaster or concrete-colored lawn ornaments before, but a hand-painted example like this stands out – which explains why I noticed it!

gas station angel in Bloomfield, NJ
A hand-painted angel sculpture in the back of a gas station lot in Bloomfield NJ.

If anyone knows about this piece, please share your info in the comments section below.

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