2 thoughts on “Face Effigy found on the Alabama Mississippi border

  1. For Annie … I live in southern Ohio by the Ohio River, an area well known for flint artifacts … I have been an avid outdoorsman and naturalist my entire life. One thing has always disappointed me: I have never found one single flint artifact … EVER … but over the last 6 months, a plethora of what I say are way more authentic and impressive artifacts, from hard clay and iron material, and stone alike. Several of my pieces have no less than 100 different face and complete settings of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs … some have people pictured riding dinosaurs. I know it sounds crazy, but I have worked with every type of stone and consider myself a master stone mason. I’ve been all over the country but I feel now that I’m just starting to see this world through real sight. For some reason I can also see words and pictures in all the stones and rocks that I look at … was curious, if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon?? I will gladly share some pics at your request. Thanks. PS: I am convinced that we are completely misled and lied to at an unimaginable level as to our past and what was here before us!!!

    1. Yes, I have seen carved and painted rocks all over where I live, even huge ones in the Tallapoosa River when it was really low … if you take and clean them with a tooth brush (gently), there is a story there and different rocks all have the same story on them, they just each begin at a different point. It’s an amazing tale what I’ve found so far, I just have never been able to get it all together though.

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