A mysterious figure and a tough elephant in North Arlington

I was walking along Ridge Road in North Arlington when I saw this odd little guy peeking out in front of a curtain-covered storefront.

odd figure in a store window in North Arlington NJ
Who is this little guy and what is he doing?

A closer look (below left) reveals it to be a photo image taped to a small stuffed doll or some other stuffed toy, dressed up with clothes and a red hat. While the curtains are closed and I couldn’t see inside, I did notice this logo on the storefront to learn that it’s the North Arlington Republican Club. I try to avoid politics in general here at the Artsology Blog, but I will mention that I like the graphic design of this logo – it looks like a tough and determined elephant who is charging full speed ahead! Maybe if someone from the club sees this post, you can share with us in the comments section below what the story is with the little guy in the window! He certainly caught my attention!

North Arlington Republican Club
The North Arlington Republican Club
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