BMW art car with camouflage seen in Bloomfield

I was running some errands in the area when I spotted this custom-painted blue and lime green camouflage BMW parked on Broad Street in Bloomfield (NJ). It’s pretty cool, and a quick search shows that adding a camouflage pattern to a BMW is not as uncommon as what I first thought.

BMW Art Car custom painted with a camouflage pattern
Camouflage pattern on a BMW seen in Bloomfield NJ.

The pattern is similar to the camouflage that Andy Warhol used in this painting; it also made me think of some of Warhol’s Self Portraits that incorporated a camouflage pattern.

Here’s another look at this handsome BMW with the camouflage. If you look at some of the shapes below, one can also think of similar shapes in some Henri Matisse cut-outs … now how cool would that be, to have a Matisse-inspired BMW?

custom painted blue camouflage BMW seen in Bloomfield NJ
If you had a BMW, would you want a custom paint job?
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