The Pink Flower Artist is at it again

I drive by the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Joralemon Street in Belleville on a regular basis, and have seen this painted power box before, but it suddenly dawned on me that the pink flowers and green background are something I’ve seen before … it’s clearly the same artist who has been making other similar floral art, which we documented here first, with a sign for first responders. And then we noticed the same artist painted these flowers in the snow … and then the same artist had some fun with some upside-down snowmen! I wish we knew the artist’s name so that we can give some proper recognition!

Editor’s note: I just learned that the artist is Athena Zhe, the “official artist of Belleville, NJ, the cherry blossom capital of America.” See more here and a profile here.

pink flower art on power box in Belleville on Franklin Avenue
Floral art seen at the intersection of Franklin and Joralemon in Belleville.
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