That person sitting in the parked car? The Incredible Hulk!

I was out for a walk the other day, and as I was walking down the street in my Belleville neighborhood, I noticed someone sitting in the back seat of a parked car – and my initial response was to look away out of respect for the person’s privacy, but I thought: this is odd, it’s kind of cold out to be sitting in a parked car! But as I walked past the car, I sneaked a second look, and then got my answer: green hands acting as cup holders was not a normal person!

Hulk Smash Car Seat
What I saw as I walked past the car …

Now that I knew what I was looking at, I doubled back and went to the front of the car for a second look. At left you can see the somewhat obscured face through the tinted glass and hopefully understand that at a quick glance, it looked like a person was in there! Below right you can a close-up that reveals this to be an Incredible Hulk Car Seat!

Incredible Hulk Car Seat
A “KidsEmbrace Combination Booster Car Seat” featuring the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics

The expression on the Hulk’s face cracks me up. Granted, it’s been close to 16 years since I last drove around one of my kids in a car seat, but there were certainly times when the strapped-in passenger had a similar expression!

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