I am the Batman

The last time my Mom moved, I was helping her go through things and pack for the move, and she decided it was time to get rid of a lot of old mementos. Of course I picked up some of them, wanting to hold onto some of this family history. Every once in a while I’ll look through some of these things, and have posted some already (such as these vintage Christmas cards from the 1920s that came from my grandmother). But here’s something new: a look at the homemade Batman costume that my Mom made for me in 1972!

The costume itself is long gone, but my Mom thought to remove and save the handmade Batman logo, made of felt, and including three layers sewed together, as you can see below right. Below left and center are 4 year old me, totally excited to be one of my favorite superheroes!

Handmade Batman costume from the 1970s
My handmade-by-Mom Batman costume from 1972!
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