Virtual tour of Haven Gallery in Long Island

We received a press release email from Haven Gallery in Long Island, with an invitation to take a virtual tour of their gallery. I’m used to see a selection of their work at the SCOPE Art Fair in NYC, so this chance to take a virtual tour of their actual gallery space in Long Island was a welcome invitation. I’m always intrigued by the technology in virtual tours, and Haven Gallery has a really nice virtual experience, which you can test for yourself by clicking on the link above or the image below. But beyond clicking through to see the virtual technology, click through to see the great art! They have a nice collection of artists represented at the gallery, and here’s a chance to get an introduction. Scroll down for more …

Virtual tour of Haven Gallery in Long Island, New York
Click the image above to take a virtual tour of Haven Gallery in Long Island, New York

There’s two ways to make your way around the virtual tour: put your computer mouse in the image and a small hand cursor will allow you to move through the space, turning in just about any direction. You can also click on the thumbnail images at the bottom for a quick jump to a specific wall in the gallery, and then resume moving with the hand cursor. Best of all, if (or when) you see something that you like, just click on the “i” info icon to see a bigger version of the art work with artist name, title, size, and price.

In one section of this virtual show, I see some hand-sewn moth sculptures by Larysa Bernhardt, which we wrote about last May here. There’s also a series of works titled “A Shadow of the Future” by Sean Mahan, which features stylized portraits of children that echo back to the 1950s and 1960s in design, fashion and aesthetic … you can see them in the virtual tour, or get another look at them here.

Since Long Island isn’t always so easy to get to from New Jersey, I’m glad to have these virtual options to see their shows (in addition to looking forward to the next SCOPE Art Fair). Click here to learn more about Haven Gallery.

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