Those roofing shingles look like … a face?

I was out for a walk the other night when I noticed these scraps of roofing shingles laying on the ground, below left. The way they were positioned, they looked like a face to me – two eyes, and a nose connected to a mouth and chin.

My thought was to find a picture of a mannequin and to put the shingles on it, so you can see how I thought the shingles looked face-like. Now, I have to admit, the first mannequin picture I found to use is a bit odd – I saw this mannequin in a Madison Avenue (NYC) store window during the holidays – so it ended up being a somewhat bizarre composite image (below right), but hopefully you get the idea.

roof shingles on the ground, collaged onto a mannequin face
My imagination sees some weird things sometimes …
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