Abstract Art in the Parking Lot

I took the dogs for a walk around my condo development, and in that short trip encountered not one but two “abstract expressionist” cars! Check out the front hood of the red Acura, below left, and the back trunk cover of the Honda Civic, below right … whatever it is that the weather and elements have done to the surface of these cars, I think it makes for some good art! Scroll down to see what I mean …

An Acura and Honda Civic with exterior damage

If I simply crop down to my favorite parts of both of these car exteriors, and in the case of the Honda Civic, rotate it 90 degrees to the right, I think we have two very nice abstract “paintings,” which I’ve “framed” here below. If you want a reference point for what I’m appreciating about these in an art historical context, check out these paintings by Theodoros Stamos.

abstract paintings from car hoods

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