Using a news interview to showcase some art

Over the months of the coronavirus pandemic, interviews on cable news all tend to have the subject at home, on a video feed via Zoom or other methods. I’m often intrigued by how these people position themselves in their homes (or offices), as far as what is visible in their background for the television viewers to see. The most-common thing I’ve seen is the person standing in front of a bookcase, which allows them to showcase small objects along with books that they want us to know they are reading, or have read – or, in the case of an author, their own book which they are subliminally (or directly) promoting.

However, I’ve seen a recent trend where the interviewee stands in front of a painting … it’s a great way to showcase the art or the artist, however, there’s no way to ID the artist or artwork, at least from what I’ve seen so far. Also, as you can see in these two cases of screenshots that I took off tv, sometimes the painting dominates the view. Granted, I’ve cropped the faces in my screenshots so we can focus on the art, but I think you can still get a sense that the art plays a prominent role.

paintings in the background of cable news tv interviews
The art gets top billing in these tv interviews!

If by chance anyone out there knows the artist who made either of these paintings, please share the info in our comments section below!

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