Thank You sign for first responders

I was out in my neighborhood of Belleville, NJ today when I noticed this custom-painted “Thank you” sign in the shape of flowers set up under some Christmas lights in a front yard. I’m assuming the “thank you” is directed towards first responders during this coronavirus pandemic. My first thought was, “I wonder where does one buy a sign like that?” But as I looked further, I found an answer … scroll down for more.

thank you sign for first responders with pink flowers in Belleville NJ
Nice work on this custom thank you sign in Belleville, NJ!

As I continued walking past this house, I noticed a custom-painted pink flower-covered garbage can near the garage … it would seem that there’s an expert flower artist living here! Both objects – both the thank you sign and the garbage can – are very nicely painted! I wonder if there are more pink flower paintings inside?

hand painted sign with pink flowers and also a garbage can with pink flowers
An artist who obviously specializes in pink flowers!
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