Stunning visuals and great story in My Octopus Teacher

octopus painting seen in a gallery in Turks and Caicos
Octopus painting by an unknown artist, seen in a small gallery on my own visit several years ago to Turks and Caicos.

I saw an amazing movie the other night on Netflix titled “My Octopus Teacher.” a documentary by South African filmmaker Craig Foster about his diving discovery of – and subsequent daily visits with – an octopus who lived in an underwater kelp forest near the tip of Africa. The story of how he dives in the same area every day for weeks and weeks, developing a relationship with this animal, is a spellbinding story, in my opinion.

The visuals in this movie, with all of the underwater footage, was really quite stunning. For anyone who has done any diving (see more from our Arts Adventures in Turks and Caicos here), it really sparks the urge to dive again. It also was incredible to learn – and see – how an octopus is able to completely change their visual appearance in a matter of seconds as a form of evolving camouflage, depending on their location and circumstances.

Check out the trailer for My Octopus Teacher below, and watch the movie if you can!*

* I hope the mix of info about Turks and Caicos and my photograph above are not confused with anything in the movie, which takes place in South Africa – I just wanted to open the blog post with some octopus imagery.

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