Bananas and Art History

I heard about a new marketing campaign by Chiquita Bananas called “Banana Masterpiece,” which involves their take on famous artworks incorporated into their stickers that they place on bananas. It’s a collection of 12 stickers that reproduce famous portraits from art history where the main subject of the portrait is transformed into a banana. For example, here’s their version of the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting “Lady with an Ermine.”

Just for fun, we decided to make our own banana-inspired masterpieces, with modified versions of Rene Magritte’s “Son of Man” below left, and Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s “Summer” below right.

famous paintings by Magritte and Arcimboldo with bananas
Rene Magritte’s “Son of Man” reimagined with a banana instead of an apple; Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s “Summer” with a banana nose replacing the original pickle nose.
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