A mannequin who vacuums for Christmas

I was out running some errands the other day, when construction on Franklin Avenue in Nutley forced me to go around on some side streets in order to get back home. It would seem to have been a detour of serendipity, as I found myself driving past this scene, doing a double-take, and then pulling over to park so I could go back and get this picture.

I have no idea what the significance is of having a mannequin in a leather aviator hat with a white bathrobe who is out vacuuming (?) with a massive plastic tube, while an upturned Lazy-Boy recliner chair has the outline of a vaporized pet creating a hole in the bottom … but all I can say is that this makes for one of the more-unusual Christmas yard decorations I’ve ever seen. While there are some other more-traditional decorations in the yard as well, I also like the life-sized figure hanging from the gutter … it reminds me of this guy that I saw in Glen Ridge a few years ago.

mannequin vacuuming in a bathroom Christmas decorations
A yard full of Christmas decorations and props in Nutley, NJ
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