12 thoughts on “Face effigy rock art found in Tow, Texas

  1. Hello this is very interesting stuff, I own 300+ in Taylor County, Texas, and I have A LOT of effigy face rocks some BIG, some small, and all sizes along with hundreds of objects made of stone, clay, flint, a mix of all. I have multiple sites on property that are amazing to me and I tell people and show friends and family, but no interest, “it’s just a rock.” I hear that a lot, some people can see the faces, some can’t, I can see multiple faces on each side of the rocks, depending on which way you turn it. I would like to understand this subject a lot more and have the proper evaluation of what and when these were made. Could be dated too. There is still 1000’s of great unseen untouched stones and objects that cover my property.

    1. I also live in Taylor County and have found hundreds of artifacts with multiple images. Very few arrowheads but lots of tools, axes, tomahawks, etc. I’m always down for some rock hunting. Especially with the rain this week!

    2. I’m from Ontario have the same problem here I have had a lot of Effigies and face stones and things and nobody believes me neither for instance today I found a rock probably the size of a suitcase and the images are just painted on it and others are carved into the stone it’s amazing I’d like to know what they’re worth and see what I can do about it

  2. Hello everyone! I’m so excited to find the link that brought me here. I am a resident of San Marcos TX and have probably close to 1000+ of these rocks as well, along with stone tools and petrified wood clay rock figures, some painted, some not. I see faces of men all around the rocks as you twist and turn them and are very visible in certain lighting. I also see dragons or snake-like figures that wrap around rocks and I say dragon because you literally can see the fire coming from the mouths of the reptilian looking figures. I too see the one eye thing on every rock. I do believe they worshiped whatever it is for protection, or could possibly be a “mascot” (so to speak) or deity for specific tribes of this area … maybe. The weird thing about it is that when I try and search for any information on this phenomenon, I cannot seem to find anything that specifies possible time or date or information on the people. But it however is the most fascinating thing … such a mystery. And I also have friends and family some see the faces – some don’t, many say “it’s just a rock” and others simply just think I am losing my mind. If this finds anyone please respond and share with me, I need to share my finds as well. Especially to ones that appreciate these historical beauties, true pieces of art that so deserve to be admired and displayed for the world to see.

    1. Hi Kristin,
      I was very intrigued by your comments and tried reaching out to the email address you provided, hoping you would share some pictures with Artsology and the audience here. However, I keep getting bouncebacks saying that your inbox is full; if you would like to share pictures, please contact me via the Contact page on the website.

    2. It’s so good to find like-minded people, especially those who see the beauty and wonder in these artifacts. I understand completely when some of you say that you have shown your finds to family only to be told “it’s just a rock,” or “I don’t see it,” as you try to show them what we see so easily see. It can be discouraging. I almost quit several times but thank God I chose not to, or I would have missed the opportunity to see so many things that are just awesome. These artifacts, the whole experience, is kind of hard for me to find the exact words for, but I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say. So when I get the same reply without the least bit of curiosity, I just don’t get it. I’ve tried to understand why I get the same attitude and the only thing that I can think of is maybe they don’t have the open minds that we explorers may have or the courage to think outside the box of what may be considered not the norm. It might seem that it’s too good to be true, even after seeing it with their own eyes, it may be hard to imagine that these are authentic artifacts or that they can be found here in Texas. A lot of people, when comes to fossils, prehistoric artifacts, etc. think they are only found in other countries by experts.

  3. The carved rock with the arrow-like structure on it is interesting to me, because a week ago, I found a carved while rock that has a remarkably similar appearance.

  4. No idea how I got on this site, just grateful that I’m here! I have hundreds of pieces with faces, snakes, wolves etc. I have a beautiful axe with what appears to be a shaman drawn into the rock. There are waves of smoke going up and the image of a woman’s face beside him. There is much more to it. I rarely share my finds with others for the reasons you all share. I’m in Taylor/Jones/Callahan County, Texas area. Let’s meet up!

  5. It’s the signature of God, like supernatural the show the spells on the bones. Well, God left his mark everywhere in the world. It looks like a eagle the government been hiding him in cement world we are giving the Christ in church but not the true story. Now smile and just know that God is more real than you can ever imagine.

    1. I live on the highest coastal mountain in Oregon and I have many absolutely beautiful artifactual face and multi face, profile rocks, I just love this stuff. You have a couple of wonderful pieces there, that I believe I am seeing a lot more, I’m seeing what I like to call “hugging or holding,” a sort of bison or hooved livestock of some kind, a bear and a few more. But I think it’s ok to say and I’m in the right spot to say, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but look to the right where your thumb is and that looks like that would be a head of a being that is holding something or someone and also the bison type of animal is what they are holding or hugging would be over your finger under your finger. Thank you, God bless, it’s been a pleasure, where can we sell these, so you make some money.

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