28 days until the election – I just voted

If you have the opportunity to vote for the 2020 Presidential Election early, have you done it yet? If not, have you checked to make sure that you’re registered to vote? You can get answers to just about any questions you may have at www.planyourvote.org. I’m happy to say that I voted today, and with all of the controversies out there about voting fraud and questions of whether all ballots will be counted, I want to make sure my vote counts. There was a notice on my ballot package that told me where I can go to check the status of my Vote-by-Mail ballot (which is required in New Jersey), so I will do that.

Make sure to utilize your right to vote! Below are two art works from the “Plan Your Vote” website, at left, art by Jesse Duquette, and below right is art by Sanford Biggers.

Make sure to vote in the 2020 presidential election

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