Mythological creature ready to swoop down at Asbury Park

I was enjoying the beach at Asbury Park yesterday when I happened to take this photograph. It seemed like this large bird was about to swoop down on the unsuspecting beach reader and possibly take her book, or at least that’s what my imagination saw here. (more below the picture …)

Wooden Walls art murals on the boardwalk at Asbury Park

This “large bird” is actually a mythological creature, a sea horse with wings, painted by California-based artist Mike Shine back in 2016. The mural is part of the Wooden Walls Mural Project, which is “…a collaborative initiative that brings art to Asbury Park to enrich the socio-cultural and socio-economic landscape in a thoughtful way.” Shine’s hybrid creature mural is titled “Havhest,” which is a reference to a huge sea serpent from Scandinavian legend that is part horse and part fish (see more here).

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