Museum Policies, as of Fall 2020: Montclair Art Museum

It’s the fall art season, which is usually packed with new exhibitions and lots of interesting things to see … but as you can imagine, the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend everything, and it’s not always clear to me what art institutions are open, or what their policies are, so I’m trying to educate myself (and share with you) what I find out.

In the case of the Montclair Art Museum, I decided to become a member this past year, and was excited about having the possibility (pre-pandemic shut-down) to stop in at any time to see their collection. I also started to enjoy member benefits in the form of going to the members-only opening reception for the Federico Uribe exhibition titled “Animalia,” which is pictured below (and is still running through January 3, 2021). I still contend that this is one of the best and most-engaging art exhibitions I’ve seen in a long time, so if you get a chance to see it while it’s still open, you should definitely go! Scroll down for more info on how to visit …

Federico Uribe installation at Montclair Art Museum
Federico Uribe installation view at the Montclair Art Museum

I received an email from the museum announcing that they are now open to the public and have timed ticketing (limited to one hour) with limited capacity in order to insure social distancing. It is highly suggested to reserve your time slot at least a day in advance, and no tickets are sold at the door, online reservations must be made. You can get more info on how to visit the Montclair Art Museum here. In addition, they have an informational video which you can view below:

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