Poppets by Angela Rogers at the Outsider Art Fair

I saw these sculptural “musicians” at the Outsider Art Fair back in January, and really liked the way these pieces are put together. They are the work of Angela Rogers, a self-taught artist, singer, poet and performer. This particular piece is titled “Joni on Guitar and Paulina on Bass,” made in 2019. She refers to these assemblages – in this case, made of fabric, wire, and found objects – as “Poppets,” and they are considered talismans and good-luck charms.

Angela Rogers Outsider Artist Musicians

I love both figures and the overall piece, but I especially love the way the bass was assembled with all of the different colors of yarn. According to the Fountain Gallery website, the Poppets are “characters in a dream – her dream, your dream, mine. Akin to a puppet, but older and darker in spirit than a puppet, less well-formed than a puppet, more wild than a puppet.”

Angela Rogers was born in West Virginia and grew up in North Carolina, and from what I can gather, currently lives in New York City. To learn more about the artist and her work, click on either of the links above.

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