Pianos as a motif for paintings

I saw these two paintings at the 2020 Armory Show art fair, and as someone who used to play the piano, I like the idea of a piano as the motif for a painting. Below left we have “Paint a Song,” 2019, by Edgar Bryan, and below right we have “A Minor,” 2020, by Lenz Geerk.

paintings of pianos

One interesting thing that I really like about Edgar Bryan’s painting is that the sheet music on the piano is actual music that Bryan has composed himself, so one can actually experience two different areas of his creativity with this painting – look at his art, and play his music!

Geerk’s painting brings to mind Arnold Newman’s Portrait of Igor Stravinsky, in that the top of a grand piano becomes a somewhat abstract form that dominates the composition of the image.

To see more art using pianos as a motif, check out our Arts Investigation on “Pianos in Art” here.

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