New online exhibitions at Haven Gallery in Long Island

I have been enjoying Haven Gallery’s artists and curatorial vision at the SCOPE Art Fair the past few years, and have been on their mailing list. I just received notification of several new online exhibitions that opened yesterday, and a pair of them really grabbed my interest, which I wanted to share here.

Washington-based artist Brian Despain has a new exhibition titled “Lesser Known Saints,” which features 6 new oil on panel paintings, two of which are shown below. At left is “Tolls,” an 18.75 x 13 inch oil on panel, featuring an Ibis – with a hovering Biggie Smalls-style crown, resting on a most-unusual nest. At right is “Percentages,” a 10.25 x 7.75 inch oil on panel, featuring an Eastern Bluebird hanging upside down among a series of light bulbs, and – despite being upside-down – has a hovering halo above (below?) its head. Both of these paintings create an urge, or need, to stop and figure out what is going on here, and an attempt to determine the symbolism at play. I can’t pretend to know the answer to either, but I love these paintings!

paintings by Brian Despain

A second exhibition that I would like to note is “Wanderlust of the Mind,” a series of twelve hand sewn moth sculptures by Larysa Bernhardt. The artist states that the sculptures’ imagery represents both geographic and time travel, and serve as a metaphorical invitation for our minds to wander and travel, especially during this time of self-quarantine. Below left is “English Foxhunt II,” an 11 x 14 inch sculpture made of vintage tapestry, Belgian linen, and cotton velvet. Below right is “Dreams of Egypt I,” a 19 x 15 inch sculpture also made of vintage tapestry, Belgian linen, and cotton velvet. I find these to be very striking and a very creative concept brought to life … I would be happy to invite one of these “moths” into my home!

Larysa Bernhardt moth sculptures

To learn more about Haven Gallery, check out their website here.

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