A sidewalk chalk drawing craze?

A few weeks ago, I noticed a woman and two young girls making a beautiful chalk drawing in front of their home in Glen Ridge. I get the sense that this design style, using tape to mark off the different sections and having it look somewhat like stained glass, is getting spread around via the web and social media, because I’m seeing this style everywhere now. I saw two more examples of this in Glen Ridge just yesterday:

chalk drawing craze seen locally and on Pinterest

As I mentioned before, this style and look makes me think of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings, transferred to sidewalks …

chalk drawing stained glass style

It’s not just Glen Ridge where I’m seeing these … one could attribute that to people walking around the neighborhood like I do. Here’s proof of the spread to communities everywhere: I saw these two in Paramus, NJ! A little different, as far as making letters, but the taped-off sections is the same.

chalk drawings in Paramus NJ

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